If you look at the popularity of oral AAS, it has always been a wayward graph.

Dianabol was once incredibly popular. But as people started to realize that there were better compounds that could be used with lesser risk, they started to veer away from Dbol.

Ditto with Winny.

But Var’s popularity has remained unaffected.

For decades, it has remained the go-to oral steroid for females.

Even men, for that matter, will consider Anavar as the first oral steroid that they try after their basic Testosterone cycle.

However, it’s no longer safe to Buy Anavar online unless you are aware of some of the pitfalls that surround it.

Don’t get us wrong.

Var is a terrific steroid. It remains one of our favourites. But in the past few years, we have seen so many things go wrong while trying to buy Anavar online that we decided to write this blog post to help first-timers.

#1–80% of the Anavar sold online is fake

No, there are no statistical studies or analytics that confirm this number. It’s an arbitrary one based on our experiences and those of our close ones while trying to buy Anavar off the internet.

Almost 80% of the time, we have received other compounds labelled as Anavar.

On one or two occasions we did receive legitimate Anavar, but it was terribly underdosed. One 50 mg tablet was found to contain just 40% Anavar.

So what do you get instead of Anavar?

Well, that depends on what’s cheaply and readily available at the UG lab, where you source your steroids from. Most of the time, it’s either Dianabol, Winstrol or Masteron.

While all of these are terrific compounds, their effects and side effects are not exactly as gentle as Anavar’s. Mast will most likely cause severe hair thinning, and so will Winny. It can also cause extreme muscle cramps. Dianabol will bloat you up and cause acne.

These are also much more potent androgens, which means that there’s a risk of virilization in females.

More recently, we have seen RAD-140 being sold as Anavar. While RAD-140 is a great compound, very little is known about it. It’s like playing Russian roulette with your health.

The question is, how do you know if the Var that you’ve received is legit?

#2–Run lab tests if possible

If you have a source at the gym who claims to know someone who offers Pharma-grade Anavar, then there’s only one way to confirm. Buy a blister of pills and send it to any lab that offers chemical testing. It’s cheap, and you can be assured that you are finally getting the real deal.

That said, many lab kits are being sold on Amazon that can test anabolic steroids based on reagents that change colour when they interact with different compounds.

Many gear users claim that the results are hit or miss. But that’s the next best thing to labs if you want to buy Anavar.

#3–A lot of Var is overpriced

The flip side of the counterfeiting problem is overpricing. If there is a source that has legit Anavar for sale, they will hoard it and bump up the prices. There’s such a massive demand for absolute Var that most athletes would gladly pay through their noses to get it.

The average price of a 10mg Anavar tablet is around $4-6. If someone demands absurd prices like $10 a pill, then it is overpriced. You are better off looking for Anavar for sale elsewhere.

#4–When lab tests are not an option

There is another possible scenario when your anabolic steroid usage is discreet, and you cannot run lab tests or order a steroid testing kit either.

If you find a great source that’s offering legit Anavar for sale, go ahead and buy it.

Start with a low dose and watch out for signs of Anavar.

What are the signs?

For females: There will be rapid strength gains within a week. Expect to add up to 10 lbs. to your compounds within this time frame. The pumps will start to get real, with your delts and traps looking noticeably bigger. A lot of females don’t eat enough on Var and end up making poor gains. Don’t be afraid to eat in a surplus. The Var will keep the fat off and with almost zero water retention, this is probably the best time for you to go a little lax with your diet and still make gains. Use that Anavar for sale and get the most bang for your buck.

For males: Ditto with the strength. Another very noticeable effect is the muscle pumps and hardness. If you have never used Var before, the results can seem pretty dramatic with added vascularity. It is a very aesthetic compound.

How to stop if it’s not Var: That’s easy really. If it’s Dianabol, get ready for insane water retention and possibly gyno, considering that you may not really be thinking of dialling down your E2 on var. If it’s Mast or Winny, the acne and the cramps can hit you out of nowhere. Also, the hardness on Winny and Mast will be way more than what you ever get with Var.

Can you get a real Anavar for sale?

Absolutely. Now and then, a gear seller decides to shut shop, and this is the best time for you to get some quality Anavar for sale.

Some of them even offer up to 50% off on their Var.

Messaging boards like Reddit can be a treasure trove of information and a great place to monitor flash deals.

There’s another method, too. But it takes a fair amount of experience to accurately dose Anavar this way.

It’s home brewing. Buy a lot of Raw Anavar for sale, add some PEG 300 and some 190-proof Grain Alcohol, and bingo! You have an Anavar solution.

It must be mentioned that you have to be meticulous with the heat, or else you risk crashing the solution.

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