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We have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and work with many athletes and personal trainers. Selling sarms / peptides / steroids / hgh online in Canada can be difficult. Many new online stores pop up daily, who knows what your really getting. We always try to provide customers with products we use / test on ourselves. If we approve, we sell it, if not we dont sell it. For long term relationships with our clients we need to provide top quality product. Allot of these sites sell the same crap and literally have 3-4 sites with all different labels etc. Its a money grab of over priced shit that barely does the job. All of our products are slightly overdosed and tested. Products like Anavar or primobolan usually tend to be under dosed we make sure the dosing is correct and quality is top notch.


Lots of ONLINE Canadian steroid . sarms ,  sites have lots of AAS labs in stock. Selling a range of products, testosterone, hgh, sarms, peptides etc.
Laboratory tests for steroids and sarms, peptides are expensive 100-400 USD depending on the product.
Therefore, with most online Canadian Steroid sites, it doesn’t make sense to test all products as it costs too much.
Therefore, they cannot know what they are actually selling. Whatever is cheap, advertise and make profit on.

Our strategy is little bit different.

We only stock a few Steroid manufactures.
1-2 products for one type of product.
This allows us to conduct regular laboratory tests of our products.
We know exactly what we are selling. No under dosed shit, etc.
Customers can be sure that they have 100% real product that is strong. When you take  sarms ,anavar , hgh , peptides, you want to see results!

This is the second reason why we only keep a few steroid labs.
If 1-2 laboratories are working in 100%, there is no need to increase , stick with what works and is proven!

  • OUR TEAM HERE PRIDES ITSELF ON FAST SERVICE AND SELLING ONLY QUALITY ITEMS WE WOULD USE AND APPROVE OF. If its bullshit garbage or sub-standard we wont sell or use it. This industry is flooded with greed and garbage, under dosed horse shit. We started because we noticed this trend and are sick of it. Excuse my English but its frustrating seeing honest good people get ripped off daily. , we help everybody out even if you did not purchase from us and need help we will try our best to help you out and guide you in the right direction.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Once you place an order, we pack your item up and send a photo of the actual package with the tracking info to you. We try to do this same day or next day.
  • THANKS to all the customers who supported us, we appreciate all the feedback.  Shoot us an email anytime with questions, we will try to help as best we can, we are here to help our customers and build long term relationships , not fly by night. Thanks to everybody!

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